A Guide to Buying Organic Food for Beginners

Have you decided to pursue a healthier diet that comprises mostly of organic food? Then you are on the path to promising yourself a better quality of life.

Organic food, including the packaged ones, are vastly superior to processed food products. They do not contain artificial colors, added sugar, flavors or ingredients. These are components that are of no use to our body and certainly do not provide us with any well-known health benefits.

Deepak Chopra said it best when he stated:

“Don’t eat processed or refined food but rather organic food from the earth – nothing with genetically modified ingredients.”

Organic food is enriched with excessive vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to our health in the long term. This includes improved memory and eyesight.

But, if you’re just starting to embrace the organic food movement, you may need guidance.

Here are some tips to help you find the ideal organic foods to stock up your kitchen shelves.

Know Your Food Labels

This should be your first priority when buying any organic food product. Packaged organic food is usually marked with a certified organic food label. The point of the labelling is to help you recognize authentic and verified organic food.

Fruits and vegetables usually have stickers numbered with Product Look Up (PLU) codes to identify how the product was manufactured. Organic food products are recognized through 5-digit codes while conventional food products through 4-digit codes.

It is best to ask the supermarket or farm stall for further information.

Watch out for Contamination

One similarity that both organic and conventional food products share is how they are exposed to pesticides. This means that they may have been seriously contaminated with chemicals linked to numerous health risks like cancer or brain toxicity.

This is where the phrase “knowledge is power” is relevant.

It is important for you to know which food have been rendered safe enough to be consumed.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the food products that indicate strong levels of pesticide include:

Grapes Strawberries Sweet Bell Peppers Apples
Celery Peaches Spinach Imported Nectarines
Cherry Tomatoes Imported Snap Peas Cucumbers Potatoes

These have been termed as the “dirty dozen” by EWG.

As far as those that have shown the least amount of pesticide or the clean fifteen as they are termed include:

Sweetcorn Cantaloupe Pineapple Papaya Cabbage
Frozen Sweet Peas Mangoes Kiwi Eggplant Avocados
Grapefruit Onions Asparagus Sweet Potatoes Cauliflower

Always Purchase According To Your Budget

Organic food does not come cheap.

It is common sense that you buy within your budget. Buying products that are less expensive is the best strategy to follow if you want to eat organic food in the long term.

Maintain Access

It’s understandable if you cannot purchase organic food products in your nearby stores. Most individuals do not have access to organic markets or major supermarkets depending on their location.

Do not let this be a hindrance to your healthier prospects. Considering the era we are living in, you can easily buy food products online as well. Simply connect with a website that can deliver you fresh organic food.

You can also seek membership with a market that can make your deliveries.

You can find out about such supermarkets through the Local Harvest guide.

Final Tip

Ditching all the processed food in your life might prove to be a challenge initially. But once you get the hang of it, you can adapt to your new dietary schedule with ease.

Here’s to your long and healthy life!

Healthy Food that helps your body heal

Food That Helps Body Heal - Featured Image

It may have happened with you that doctors stressed upon the importance of following a healthy diet when you were feeling sick, whether it be physically or mentally.

Well, it is quite true that the healing process can also be accelerated with the right food intake that aids the bodily recovery process.

Doctors are also known to recommend food instead of supplements, so it’s best that you take heed of their advice. Dr. Josh Axe said it best when he said:

“The HEALING FOODS diet is not just a diet; it’s a tool that will launch you into a total health transformation”

Here are some of the healthy foods that can help your body healing process.


10 Life-Changing Benefits of Being A Vegan

Life Changes with Vegan Foods - Featured ImageMore and more people going vegan every year, and for good reason. Veganism can improve our lifestyle in so many ways, offering us great health benefits and simultaneously decreasing the stress on the environment.

There are countless health benefits of being vegan which includes the reduced risk of diabetes, cancer, asthma, and the list continues.

On 12th June 2018 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, the inaugural flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition was held which stated that:

“Eating plant protein and less animal protein is linked with a lower risk of coronary heart disease.”


What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Organic Food?

Body Changes With Organic Food - Featured Image

Some people think that eating organic food is just a random trend that will probably fade away with time. If you eat organic food and encourage others to do so, you may often receive these retorts in return:

“How do you know it’s organic?”

“Organic foods are very expensive!”

“All the foods are the same – being organic doesn’t change anything.”

However, with awareness increasing, people are growing more concerned about the pesticides being constantly sprayed on commercially grown inorganic food. Researchers are now stepping in to examine the difference.


Best Healthy Food for an Anti-Acne Diet

Anti Acne Diet - Featured Image

Acne has been considered the stuff of nightmares for many people especially women when it forms bumps on the face, neck or back. They usually occur during hormonal changes in the growing bodies of teenagers including puberty.

It normally goes away without treatment as it is not particularly harmful. But they do give off an unflattering appearance. This causes more stress and lowering of self-esteem. Anti-acne medications are recommended in removing the skin condition but so is a specific diet in helping with the removal process.


Is Eating Healthy More Effective Than Exercise?

Eating Healthy Or Exercise -

You may often ponder over what’s healthier for you. Don’t you? For some people, it’s tough to live a healthy life. Also, when it comes to examining which food has most nutrients or is organic, that also becomes difficult to understand.

For all these thoughts, the answer is quite simple. Both physical and healthy eating leads to a better lifestyle. Let’s take a sneak peek of how eating healthy can be more effective for you.


5 Brain Foods That Help Your Kids Stay Sharp

Brain Food To Help Kids Stay Sharp - Featured Image

Kids require substantial amounts of nutrition to help their exponential growth, both physically and mentally. Their everyday school life is meant to ensure that they absorb sufficient knowledge and preserve it for their next growth phase. This demands specific food for their mental health that would charge their brains and enhance their ability to learn.

“These years are critical for brain development, and what they eat affects focus and cognitive skills,”

Says psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD, co-author of The Happiness Diet and Fifty Shades of Kale.


Healthy Food That Can Help Control Diabetes

Healthy Foods To Control Diabetes - Featured Image

When the diagnosis for diabetes comes back positive at the health clinic, most people who have never checked their blood sugar levels before are completely shocked by the news.  They never expected that they would develop this chronic condition, as they were unaware that their lifestyle habits were secretly promoting its development all this time.

People with diabetes lead a life with compromised heath that gets in the way of them feeling their best. Diabetics even become more vulnerable to the risk of heart disease and mental health problems.


Protect Your Immune System with These Superpower Foods

Protect Immune System with Super Power Food - Featured Image

Whenever monsoons and winter seasons turn up across our country, we come down with a cold, a peaky feeling, a sore throat, and a head that hurts. Flu, coughs and sniffling take over most of the chilly days with us lying in bed, hoping to recoup as soon as possible.

It’s all because of our disturbed immune system which sometimes fails to defend us against germs, disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms.

It has been reported that each year approximately 5 to 20% Americans suffer from colds two to three times per year.

Thus, it is imperative to include few superpower foods in your diet to protect your immune system from winters colds, fevers, flu and other diseases.


How to Make Your Kids Fall in Love with Organic Food

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Featured Image

Give your children a healthy future

 Being a parent, you kids’ health is of course a primary concern, one that you never want to compromise.

So, bringing your children towards the organic food diet is one of the most worthwhile decisions you would ever make for them.

A great many studies have shown that organic foods are far better for children’s health than the conventionally-grown, heavily sprayed, pesticides-contaminated non-organic foods.