Give your children a healthy future

 Being a parent, you kids’ health is of course a primary concern, one that you never want to compromise.

So, bringing your children towards the organic food diet is one of the most worthwhile decisions you would ever make for them.

A great many studies have shown that organic foods are far better for children’s health than the conventionally-grown, heavily sprayed, pesticides-contaminated non-organic foods.

MDPI – Sustainability Journal published a research clearly demonstrating that the risks of pesticide contamination in organic foods is considerably lower than in the non-organic foods. Another study illustrates that organic diet significantly minimizes the risk of exposure to toxic pesticides in children.

But will your children love eating organic food?

With a few smart tips, you can make your kids fall in love with the organic foods and give your kids a complete dietary plan which makes them healthier, stronger, and smarter.


Eat together

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Eating Together

Eating together is beneficial on more ways than one. It encourages healthy food habits, increases the consumptions of fruits and vegetables, encourages a friendly and interactive home environment and promotes social and behavioral development in your children.

Kids adopt habits from their parents. When you eat lunch and dinner with your kids that includes healthy organic food without any junk snacks, they will acquire the same habit for themselves as well.

During the mealtime, you can also share many health benefits and interesting facts about how organic foods grow, where they are made, and how much nutritional value they give to our bodies.

At your next lunch time, switch off the TV and Wi-Fi and have a conversation with your kids!

Add zing and style to vegetables and fruits

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Add Style 1

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Add Style 2

Another effective trick to make your kids fond of fruits and veggies is to bring some style and seasoning to the organic dishes.

A study surprised parents when it proved that children like to eat vegetables and fruits more when they are styled in funny shapes and cooked with a little spice in them.

Engage your children to play with vegetables instead of eating them in the normal, unexciting way. Cut them in appealing shapes like starts and flowers. Paste a sticker of their favorite cartoon on their lunchbox. Flavor the plate of salad with ketchup, peanut sauce or teriyaki. Drizzle the broccoli with cashew cheesy sauce or make a smoothie of spinach.

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Fun With Vegetables

When kids would have fun with eating veggies in such a creative way, they would learn to love them because kids learn through play!

Read to Your Kids about Healthy Foods

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Read Your Kids

Reading colorful and interesting children’s books about healthy diets to your kids can immensely develop your child’s interests in organic foods. In this way, you will educate your kids about wide-ranging benefits of organic fruits and vegetables.

You will teach them how too many sugary drinks, canned foods, processed foods, pizza and fries goodies are harmful for their health.

Tell them stories about how their favorite superheroes or their favorite football stars love to eat veggies, organic meats and fruits.

Shift your child’s mentality from ‘yucky’ vegetables to ‘yummy’ vegetables!

Involve your kids in the cooking and shopping of organic foods

KidsFallInLoveWithOrganicFood - Involve Your Kids

The last tip is to involve your kids when you cook organic foods. They love to eat what they have prepared themselves.  When you go to the grocery store, take your kids with you. Play games with them where you both try to find the healthiest foods. Make them find cans and packages whose labels say things like “Natural”, “Pesticides-free”, “Organic”, “Fresh” and “Healthy” and “With Vitamins and Antioxidants”.

You can be sure that they will remember the right food choices for themselves in future!