Let’s be frank here, eating out is more than just about entertainment and socializing these days. It is also about convenience and lack of time to go back home after work to prepare dinner. Restaurants, fast food convenience delis, and grocery stores, offer a variety of options when eating out.

The problem with eating out is the most cheap places are trying to compete by giving you larger portions while the portions themselves have little to no nutritional value. Fries are just fries, and although they taste good they are considered to be dead food, meaning that they have no nutrients.

Here are a few tips to help you eat healthier:

Choose a drink that is low calorie and avoid sodas if at all possible
Choose water, fat-free or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea, and other drinks without added sugars to complement your meal.

Start with a large portion lettuce salad

Start your meal with a large lettuce salad packed with vegetables and avocado to help you feel full quicker so you can avoid over eating. Avoid dressing if you can.

Sharing is Caring – that means try to share a large dish so you avoid over eating
Ask you friends to share a large dish with you so you don’t force yourself to eat it all since you ordered it and paid for it. Divide a main entree between family and friends. Ask for small plates for everyone at the table.

Eating at a restaurant

Side dishes can help you avoid over eating as well
Most restaurants will let you order a small side dish as your main course. Order a side dish or an appetizer-sized portion instead of a regular large portion entree. They’re usually served on smaller plates and in smaller amounts.

Pack a snack to avoid eating out be it office lunch or before going out to see friends
Pack a good healthy nutritious snack full of fruit, sliced vegetables, low-fat cheese, or unsalted nuts to eat during road trips or long commutes and therefore avoid eating at some roadside cafes that have little on their menu other than the usual greasy fat food on offer. No need to stop for other food when these snacks are ready-to-eat.