Some people think that eating organic food is just a random trend that will probably fade away with time. If you eat organic food and encourage others to do so, you may often receive these retorts in return:

“How do you know it’s organic?”

“Organic foods are very expensive!”

“All the foods are the same – being organic doesn’t change anything.”

However, with awareness increasing, people are growing more concerned about the pesticides being constantly sprayed on commercially grown inorganic food. Researchers are now stepping in to examine the difference.

A few countries have even completely banned the spraying of pesticides over crops.

Some researchers in Sweden published a research in the Journal of Environmental Health about the benefits of organic food on human health. A handful of them are presented below:

1. It Improves Overall Health

Body Changes With Organic Food - Overall Health

As organic food doesn’t contain chemical pesticides or fertilizers, in that way, the toxic chemical element is zero, and so the food brings no harm to human health. The technique used to produce organic food is much healthier and safer because green manure is used to fertilize the organic crop fields. Undoubtedly, healthy food is linked to not only human health but also the sustenance of a healthy environment and well-preserved planet.

2. It’s a Natural Way to Cut Down

Body Changes With Organic Food - Natural Way to Cut Down

One prominent advantage of eating organic food is that you can eat bigger helpings that those of processed foods, while still consuming fewer calories.

For instance, half a pound cooked organic pumpkin contains only 45 calories and can keep you full. While on the other hand, if you eat a single slice of bread which contains 80 calories, it will still not be enough for you.

Organic food contains fewer calories and more volume, and can make you full easily as compared to foods with more calories and less volume. Let us explain how it works. They stretch your stomach and then stomach gives the signal to your brain to stop eating after then your brain produces hormones which increase your feelings of fullness.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that organic foods can also stabilize your blood sugar levels.

3. It Will Improve Your Body Composition

Body Changes With Organic Food - Body Composition

Organic meat and milk contain about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids. In case you don’t know, Omega-3 fatty acid is an unsaturated healthy fat that’s actually quite beneficial for the health and beauty of your body.

With an improved body composition, your physique will comprise of more muscle mass and healthy fats that don’t make you rounder in all the wrong places!

Omega-3 is much more widespread in grass than in grain. In that way, organic meat and milk contains higher levels of Omega-3.

4. It Makes You Stronger and More Energetic

Body Changes With Organic Food - Stronger

Pesticides, chemical, and processed foods can bog down your system and you will increase the risk of disease and sickness. Unhealthy junk foods can leave your body feeling lethargic, sluggish, and ill.

On the other hand, eating organic can lower your chances of acquiring dangerous maladies like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and heart diseases.

The greater your organic intake, the more active your body will become, not to mention well-toned. It plays a vital role in boosting your stamina and you can also set a good example for your child and other family members.