Good reasons to switch to organic food If organic foods are currently not a part of your diet and you haven’t given any serious thought to them, you just might be missing out on the best diet. By the best diet, we mean a diet that keeps you healthy, energetic, uplifted, and trim.

Allow us to share with you the topmost reasons to include organic foods in your diet for better health and a better life.

1.  Your body deserves more nutrients

According to a study published in ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine’, organic foods contain significantly more nutrients than inorganic foods.

The study revealed that organic crops provide the body with 21.1% more iron, 27% more vitamin C, 29.3% more magnesium and 13.6% more phosphorus on average, all of which are in greater quantity than that found in commercially grown crops.

2.  You should avoid artificial fertilizers and chemicals

Organic food and how to avoid artificial fertilizers and chemicals

We all know that conventionally-produced foods are full of artificial fertilizers and chemicals but the National Academy of Sciences have proven it with substantial evidence.

There are over 600 actively-used chemicals in US that are approved for agricultural usage but nearly 90% of them have actually not been tested for their enduring impacts on our health before being certified as safe chemicals. Only 1% of foods are usually tested for pesticides remains.

That means, you are probably consuming foods containing chemicals which can cause negative health effects in the future such as digestive diseases, heart problems and cancers.

3.  Modified foods can cause serious ailments

If you are consuming foods grown using genetically modified organisms (GMO) like corn, soy and sugar beets, you must know that they could be the root cause of multiple of health ailments which can even lead to premature death.

Sheffield University in UK performed a test on a team of students by feeding them GMO soy and compared them with students who weren’t given GMO soy. They found out that students fed GMO soy experienced more allergies and 50% of these allergies were long-term. Conversely, those who didn’t ingest GMO soy didn’t show such strong signs of allergies.

4.  Artificial hormones and antibiotics in meat harm your health

In order to increase the quantity of milk and meat produced, animals in commercial farms are given significant quantities of artificial antibiotics and hormones. These chemicals are eventually passed into our body whenever we consume meat, fish, dairy, and poultry items.

That means, we are eating everything that has been consumed by cows, chickens and other animals during the process. It doesn’t matter how much you cook or grill the steaks, they will never lose their artificial hormones.

5.  Organic Food is Fresh and Pure

With no artificial preservatives and no chemical fertilizers, organic foods are fresher and healthier than inorganic foods. They are pure, and unimpeded by artificial external influences. This is why organic foods can offer you real health benefits and protect you from dangerous diseases.

6. Organic Food is Tastier, too

If you are concerned about satisfying your palate, then you need not worry. Organically-grown foods are not only healthier; they happen to be more delicious too.

Once people switch to organic foods, most report that they find it tastier, more fulfilling, and more energizing than artificially produced inorganic foods.

So, when are you making the switch?